Wallpaper types

Seamless wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper for every wall, in all possible sizes. With the seamless wallpaper from PosterJunkie you can make a wall completely new again. The seamless wallpaper comes on one large roll, so no loose strips like with normal wallpaper. The wallpaper is made of environmentally friendly SanoTex. The opaque gray back of SanoTex makes the colors of the print stand out extra beautifully and the white parts of the canvas are also really white. The material does not tear or wrinkle, is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. In addition, Sanotex is UV light resistant, so the prints do not discolour due to the sun, and it is fire-retardant thanks to the B1 fire certification. Watch the video below to get an idea of ​​how seamless wallpaper is applied:


Non-woven wallpaper

Do you want beautiful wallpaper on your walls, but would you like to do this quickly and easily? Then you can buy the best non-woven wallpaper! Non-woven wallpaper does not require any soaking time, so you can quickly wallpaper your entire wall. This way you don't have to fuss with a wallpapering table, because the glue can be spread directly on the wall. The non-woven wallpaper is usually supplied in strips of 70 cm wide.

Vinyl wallpaper standard

Vinyl wallpaper has many advantages. You can easily wallpaper this wallpaper yourself with the right wallpaper glue suitable for heavier wallpaper. You can add this glue to your order on the product pages of a wallpaper design. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to remove from the wall. In addition, your vinyl wallpaper can be wiped clean, ideal if you have children or pets. Vinyl wallpaper either has a top layer of vinyl or consists entirely of this material. This means it can withstand a damp cloth or some splash water. That is also why you could also choose vinyl wallpaper for your kitchen and bathroom. The vinyl wallpaper is usually supplied in strips of 70 cm wide.

Vinyl wallpaper with canvas look

The top layer of the vinyl wallpaper in this option has a canvas textile look.

Vinyl wallpaper with leather look

The top layer of the vinyl wallpaper in this option has a leather structure.

Acoustic wallpaper

The acoustic wallpaper is made of a material with the brand name MultiTexPro. This has a three-layer polyester fabric on which the print is printed with sublimation and is approximately 5mm thick. Never before has a wall covering had a leveling, insulating and sound-absorbing effect! These unique properties make MultiTexPro an innovation that allows you to create an attractive and pleasant base. You can read detailed information about the acoustic wallpaper on this page.

Points to consider when wallpapering

Make sure that you carefully examine the dimensions of the wall you want to wallpaper before wallpapering. For example, are certain walls or ceiling crooked? In that case, you must take into account that you do not place the wallpaper tightly against the edges when starting, but leave a piece of margin. You can easily cut away this margin when you have the wallpaper on the wall.

Some designs have a subject that is centered on the wallpaper. If you want this design to be nicely centered on your wall, you must make sure that you leave an equal amount of margin on all sides that you can cut away after wallpapering. For example, do you have a design in mind that is 250 cm high and 400 cm wide, but is your wall 360 cm wide? Then make sure that you leave 20 cm of space on either side so that the design remains neatly in the middle.