Linn Wold

Nice to meet you

Hi, I’m
Linn Wold, an artist from Norway. I begun my journey in 2013 and is still going strong today.

Originally, I'm a graphic designer—that’s the education I stuck with the longest. However, I've always loved drawing and engaging in creative activities. After freelancing as a designer for a while, I realized that being my own boss suited me best.

Instagram became my platform to promote my drawings, and it worked! It’s fantastic to create exactly what I want and then sell it.

What inspires you the most when creating art posters?

Oh, it can be so many things! I love Pinterest and Instagram as sources of inspiration. I can scroll for hours. I don’t focus much on other artists and what they do, but I look at everything from fashion to animal and nature pictures to gather elements from different sources. I love it!

How would you describe your style, and what kind of message do you try to convey through your artwork?

My style is quite naturalistic, yet I like adding elements that make it clear they are drawings. I often get comments that my work looks like photos, but upon closer inspection, it's clear they are not. Conveying a message is a bit tougher because my art leans towards a more "popular" line. It should be nice to look at, evoke good feelings, and perhaps reveal details you didn’t initially notice. I’m definitely more of a "pleasant" artist than one who provokes.

My goal is to create art that evokes something special while remaining accessible and understandable for everyone. We achieve this by selling high-quality art featuring the motifs Linn draws on her digital drawing tablet, often combined with traditional techniques.

My goal is to make art that evokes something special in people but at the same time remains accessible and understandable for everyone.

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