Acoustic panel

acoustic panel

Are you looking for a poster that immediately improves the sound in the room? With a poster on an acoustic panel, any noise nuisance is drastically reduced. Ideal for example in the office, in a workspace or in a meeting room. But also ideal for the living room or bedroom!

A better sound and a more beautiful interior

Almost every poster in PosterJunkie's unique range can be printed on a acoustic panel. This is ideal if you want to hang the poster in a room where you want as little noise as possible and where there is a lot of reverberation of sound. The acoustic panel then partially absorbs the sound and filters it. For example, a poster becomes a sound-absorbing panel in no time at all. This way you improve the acoustics in a room and boost the interior.

How does an acoustic panel work?

But how exactly does such an acoustic panel work? The panel is divided into four different layers. The top layer contains the print of the poster. The print of the poster is sharply printed and has a special dot glue. This ensures that the structure remains open, which in turn ensures sound absorption.

Under that top layer is a sound-permeable intermediate layer, which dampens mid tones. Then there is another layer that contains the acoustic material. This material is made from 90% cotton fibers from mechanically recycled jeans. During such a recycling, the jeans are pulled apart with a machine to fiber level. The long fibers of the cotton ensure that sound waves are absorbed. This greatly reduces noise pollution and reverberation of sound.

You can hang the posters on sound-absorbing panels in any room as desired. Whether in the office, in a workspace or in a meeting room. Or even in the bedroom or nursery. It never hurts to improve the acoustics in a room right? The posters are available in any size as desired. Which one will you choose? Do you have questions or special wishes? Please contact PosterJunkie via the contact form or send an email to