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To hang

There are different ways you can hang your poster. You can read all information about the hanging systems here .


To ensure that your poster has a luxurious look that shines on the wall, the choice of the type of paper is important. The posters are printed on 270 gram matte photo paper. The posters are laminated single-sided matt for optimal protection against moisture and UV light.

Alu dibond

Alu-dibond plates are 3mm thick, sturdy but light and easy to hang. The top layer on which aluminum dibond is printed is white.

You can read more information about the posters on alu-dibond here .


The plexiglass plates are finished with opaque white on the back or a black blockout foil, on which the print is placed so that you cannot see through it. The plates are 5mm thick and can be hung with various hanging systems. The plexiglass posters are dimensionally stable, durable and have a beautiful shine and reflection that gives the poster a fantastic effect. You can read more information about the posters on plexiglass here .


The canvas is stretched on a sturdy wooden frame with stretcher slats. The wooden frame is 18 millimeters thick and comes standard with a free hanging set. The sturdy wooden frame is so light that you only need one or two screws or nails to hang it on the wall.

The posters on garden canvas are of course completely resistant to all weather influences such as rain, frost and UV radiation. The strong banner cloth is stretched on impregnated wooden frames of 18 mm. The posters on garden canvas also come with a hanging set so that they can easily be hung on your fence or wall.

You can read more information about the posters on canvas here .

acoustic panel

With acoustic panels, the printed fabric is glued with acoustic material. This whole is housed in a unique anodized black aluminum frame of 3cm thick. You will receive a complete set that you no longer have to assemble yourself.

You will get the most optimal result if you hang the whole thing on walls using a mounting plate. Acoustic panels hang 2 cm from the surface and this provides extra damping thanks to an air cavity. More information about the acoustic panels can be found here .


The material consists of a wrinkle-free polyester cloth. Thanks to the high-quality print quality, the colors look beautiful on this flexible material. The textile posters include beech wood sticks. These are attached both at the top and bottom of a tunnel. The tunnel is finished with a stitching seam of white thread. The flat tunnel size of the Textile Poster is 4 cm. You can read more information about the textile posters here .

Garden poster

The garden posters are printed on a material called Banner 510 with UV-resistant ink. This makes them water-repellent and remains beautiful and colourfast for a long time.

Gallery print

The gallery print is an ultra luxurious material that you normally see in art in galleries. It consists of a very high-quality print on Fuji Crystal DPII paper which is plexified between 3 mm plexiglass and 3 mm Dibond. The whole is supplied with a mounted hanging system at the rear.


A wall hanging made of 100% cotton with matching rod and wall hooks. The material has a weight of 420 gr./m2, which gives the cloth a high-quality appearance. And thanks to the high-quality print quality, the colors look beautiful on this material.

Textile frame

The textile cloth is made from Dekostof. The material is characterized by strong colors, a matte appearance and is ideally suited for indoor applications. The flexible polyester cloth has a fine structure and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. This way the print is always visible.

Tired of the print? No problem! You can easily change the cloth.